Trend Forecast

Forecasting trends requires work. Forecasts evolve not only from professional research, but also from a significant amount of gut instinct. Because of this, we keep our eyes and ears wide open, we do our research and we get inspired: at conventions and in retail stores, at music and art exhibitions, on social media and in sports – worldwide and continually. Global developments have just as much influence as individual encounters and experiences in daily life or during travel. The result is predictions about colors and prints, materials, styles and silhouettes for soft and hard goods.


In the beginning there was an idea 

The story of a collection. Only if the story of a collection and its concept are cohesive can it be called a collection. In order to tell stories that have a central theme, we translate trends for branches, for labels and for people – always product-oriented, always requirement-specific. From this emerges a range of color concepts and color cards, materiality and haptics, artworks and brands or, as we like to call it: a 360-degree design guideline.


Ideas become products 

For our customers and their target groups we turn abstract concepts into customer-specific collections, or sometimes into one unique piece. We develop styles, size charts and grading, fabric, trims, patterns and artwork, all on the basis of a detailed collection framework, and transform them into the final product – from material sourcing down to sketches. Our focus: corporate design and individuality.


Product management from A to Z 

We oversee our customers’ collections and products from technical sketches to prototype development, down to series production and delivery FOB. We handle product chain development, price negotiations and product management. We supervise production, visit the factories and organize fittings. In order to reliably uphold our customers’ quality guidelines, design and scheduling, we work at eye-level with  long-standing partners worldwide. Our promise: sustainability in the product chain.